Your adviser Krisztina Milak

My destiny is to help people, executives and businesses.

Become business leader and advisor

My professional story is quite extraordinary. I consciously observe and analyse human behaviour since forever.
After 3 years of study and practice I had a business ide, and we started our family business. I led this successful company nearly 10 years long, participating in all business aspects:
Organisation and management of contracts and employees
Strategy, budgets, accounts and business controls
Decision making and problem solving
Relationships with clients and business partners
During those years I also helped clients, employees and business partners to improve their lives and businesses and to live their dreams.


Beside I managed the business, I learned a lot of psychology, economy and business for my Economist in Business Administration degree.
I also started to learn, and to seek ways, which solve everyday problems both in my own and in the people's lives. The knowledge of my way several major masters also had the pleasure to learn. As directly from Enud McGiffert the former personal counsellor of the Kennedy brothers, Bill Clinton and the Jordan King.
And I learnt them at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University that is present all over the world and that has been offering counselling to the United Nations as well.

International experience

I have always enjoyed travelling and working with people from other countries, and 2010 I decided to move to the UK to improve my English, enjoy the culture and create a new life. I spend the past 9 years in England and I learned a great amount of diversity and equality, what certain things mean for a European, Asian, African, American, Australian etc., how is life and business working in different cultures.

The Book

In 2014 I wrote a book called Life in Practice, which is all about how we can live easily a much better, more valued life. In this book I give you the essentials of twenty years of experience.

Business culture and ethics

For me is very important to build a trust with my clients, maintaining a high ethically clear environment for them, and keep all the confidential information secure at all time.


9 years International,
10 yeas Business Manager,
15 years Entrepreneur,
Over 20 years Adviser experience.
International Business School, Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management
Author of the Life in Practice self-improvement book
Hungarian and English language speaker

All of my knowledge and experience I am using in my practice to help you or your company.
Thanks for your interest.
 Kind regards,

Enud McGiffert's The Celestine Prophecy Group 2008 Budapest

Brahma Kumaris Oxford Global Retreat Centre 2011 November